Hydroponics is a system that establishes a process to grow plants in nutrient solutions, with or without an inert grow medium
(such as soil) to provide mechanical support.
We help you get started with hydroponics.

tunnel installation

We offer hydroponic tunnel installation services for individuals and organizations. 

hydroponics training

We offer training to beginners and novices on how to manage and grow crops on your hydroponic system.

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effective use of water

South Africa is a water scarce country, with increased pressure on this critical natural resource. On average, plants grown in hydroponic systems, consume up to 80% less water than
conventionally (in soil) grown plants.

80% less

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hydroponics SUMMARY

Hydroponic systems, such as the one proposed to be established through the Tsehla Holdings intervention, have several competitive advantages over conventional agricultural methods, including:
  • It radically reduces the soil area needed to produce plant and vegetable crops, hence easing pressure
    on agricultural land, making it available for other uses (e.g. livestock);
  • The rate of growth of plants are also exponentially faster than conventional in-soil grown plants. In
    hydroponic systems;
  • Hydroponic systems furthermore reduce demand for actual physical/manual labour. While presenting new challenges and opportunities for new jobs through skills development programs. 
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